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If you're looking to connect with your true self or understand the blocks that keep you from moving forward, you can start by digging into your family history and your personal history.

The answers are within you. I help you ask yourself the right questions to identify where you should look in your family past, in order to understand your present and move forward into the future and fulfill your purposes.

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¿What Family Tree Analysis Allows?

  • Identifying Childhood Wounds 
  • Understanding the Project Purpose
  • Identifying Family Programs
  • Anniversary Syndrome and Invisible Family Loyalty
  • Emotional Decoding of Symptoms and Illnesses
  • Understanding the Emotional Origin of Medical History
  • Becoming aware of Memorized Biological Cycles
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs, Processing Pending Duels
  • Overcoming a Blocked or Fearful Event or Situation
  • Accessing information that we cannot see at a conscious level
  • Unlock Ancient Wisdom

Discovery Session

15-Minute Virtual Session. From anywhere. It's the perfect moment to get to know each other and clarify any doubts about how the study of the family tree works and what it entails. 

 This approach is an opportunity to address all questions about Transgenerational Therapy, how it is conducted, what information is needed, etc.


¿What do you want to Understand, Release or Heal in your life?

There is no exact or correct way to inquire about the family tree. To make this analysis, the ideal is to start from a conflict or some situation that is repeated in different stages and scenarios of life, such as in family relationships, couples, work, etc.

We start from a conflict, a question, something that we want to understand about our own life, personal or family history.

There are many conflicts that can be worked on from the analysis of the Family Tree, for example:

-Conflicts in the relationship with Mom/Dad/Children/Siblings 

-Conflicts in relationships and work relationships 

-Conflicts with Money / I can't generate it / I always get scammed / I never get enough / etc.

The analysis of the tree will focus on the conflict that today does not allow us to move forward or prevents us from achieving some purpose in life. 

This is the starting point for the analysis of each family tree.

Emely Saviñón

I help people to unblock their present by understanding their family tree history and finding their conflict origins in a loving and judgement free environment.

 At some point in my life I felt blocked, meaningless, even purposeless. 

Fortunately, through Transgenerational Therapy I understood my family history and connected with the meaning of my life. In every family, for many generations, there have been repetitions, loyalties, secrets, exceptional situations, unexpected events, acts of love and much more. My family is no exception. 

I didn't understand, nor did I suspect, that all those events directly affected my life and the purposes I pursued. It was through the analysis of my family tree that I was able to understand and connect with myself. 

I started studying the family tree to understand my own family and personal history, I was trained and certified as a Transgenerational Guide Therapist at Escuela Transgeneracional of Chile.

During my studies I realized how valuable it is to understand family history and recognize the weight of all the unconscious burdens that we inherit from our ancestors, so I decided to deepen my knowledge and put it at the service of those who, like me, are in a deep search for self-knowledge and personal fulfillment. I also studied Decoding and Emotional Biological Analysis and Grief Accompaniment at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia.

Transgenerational Family Tree Analysis and Emotional Decoding

The answers to your questions are within you.

The analysis of the Family Tree consists of identifying the programs, beliefs, and loyalties that may potentially limit and create conflicts in personal development.

Once identified, the repetition can be interrupted through awareness, allowing us to free ourselves, liberate our ancestors, and most importantly, liberate future generations.

What do you know about your family clan?

This information is the most valuable treasure you can inherit from your ancestors.

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